I am using Windows 10, but in the ODrive folder, I cannot see placeholder folder, why?

I am new to your service and the preimum service expiry, but even when I was first testing with the trail preimum account, I do not see the placeholder account, please let us know. Is there something I am doing wrong?


Can you describe what you are expecting and what you are seeing? If you can post a couple of screenshots that would help me to understand.


Hi, This is what I see

I can’t see the placeholder folder(s). What I really want to do is to sync my whole library of video into Amazon Drive, and at the same time, for personal documents sync to one drive(s), which I will add later.

Right now, if I want to upload to Amazon Drive, I have to copy those files to the oDrive directory, not a placeholder, nor anywhere.

I understand placeholder is a link storage / file pointer for the system to sync, but I don’t have it, I open another trail account, it is the same situation.

Please let me know. Thanks in advance.


If you double-click on the “Amazon Cloud Drive.cloudf” file it will turn into a folder that you can place files/folders into. You will see other placeholder files in there, as well. Those can be synced and expanded in the same way.

For more information about this, please take a look at our usage guide:

Thanks for your information, I do see files in there with 0 byte, but I can’t find the placeholder folder. I have attached the screen shoot. How I upload these folder is using Amazon software. Therefore, I am still sitting in the starting line, the question is how I am going to upload the file(s) to Cloud - Example: Amazon Drive?

I don’t need a lot from the software, what I want to do with this software are:

  1. Backup my Videos, Images / Photo, and Documents with encryption. (One of the important part is, I need to encrypt the data before sending through internet to the cloud).
  2. Work as a Sync drives, so I can access the file freely.

I don’t know I am asking too much, but to me this is very basic security when we transfer data.

I know I can use different software / services to do different things, but this will create a loop hole which software / services to mess up the whole structure. So I do like to have one stop shopping.

By the way, I try to be upfront, if I encrypted the file(s) and store in different drives, if in any how, odrive is not work, can I retrieve / download the file and decrypt the file(s) locally?

Please find the attached for what I have in my odrive folder

Thank you so much Tony for your help.


odrive mirrors your cloud drive folder, except files and folders are shown as placeholders until you want them.

To upload files, browse to the folder and drag-drop files. You will see a pink badging indicating the file is synchronizing. When it is complete, you will see a blue badge.