I am an original odrive user (odrive1). How to I login to odrive2 beta?

I am an original odrive user (odrive1). How to I login to odrive2?

Because of its extensive changes, the odrive2 beta platform has its own accounts, so you will need to create an account for odrive2 even if you already have one for odrive. Once you’ve created that account you can link your storage.

Some important notes about the odrive platforms:

  • Even though they use separate logins, odrive1 and odrive2 can be used together by linking the same storage on both.
  • You don’t need to stop using odrive1 to use odrive2.
  • Premium subscribers can get corresponding credit on odrive2 (and still maintain their subscription and benefits on odrive1). Once signed-up, go to this page to read more about this offer and claim your odrive2 credit: https://new.odrive.com/premium-offer/index.html

HI Tony, when I try to follow your link and authenticate in odrive1, I just get taken to my storage spaces page, with no way to setup an odrive2 account. Any ideas? I’m using Amazon currently as my sign-in.

Hi @tripp.tuttle,
There was a very recent security update rolled out to the web client that broke the odrive1 -> odrive2 credit flow. There is a fix in QA right now, so I’m hoping it will be out later today or tomorrow morning, at the latest. I’ll ping here once its in.

Sorry about that.

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No problem! And thanks for the speedy reply!

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Hi @tripp.tuttle,
This has been fixed now. Please give it a shot and let us know if you have any issues.

Worked like a charm! Thank you so much!

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