How to stop videos from syncing? (But keep photo sync?)

I am using Odrive to sync photos to Amazon (works fine). However, in my folders I have a lot of videos too. As I only have 5gb of storage, it keeps trying to sync those videos over and over again, all the time. I would like Odrive to not sync videos at all because of this.
My workaround is just to stop sync overall, but that isnt very good…

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!

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Hi @donatas.kasparaviciu,
We don’t have any special provisions to differentiate between file types for Amazon upload. You could move your videos to another folder and prepend it with a ~ characters, which will make odrive ignore it.

Hi, thanks for answer.
Do you mean put ~ infront of name of a folder, where Videos will be?

Maybe there is a way to block Odrive from syncing, if amazon video storage is full?

(I have ~300gb of photos, that I edit/change every day, and sync is fine, because of unlimited storage in Amazon Prime, but as I only have 5gb of other storage, and more than that in video files in my folders, these videos just keep syncing and syncing and syncing all the time, and never stop…)

Hi @donatas.kasparaviciu,

Yes, if its possible. It sounds like the videos may be distributed throughout, so it may not be doable unless you reorganize.

Right now odrive will continue to try to add the files to Amazon, since it does not account for unlimited storage for files of only a certain type, at this point.

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Now that Amazon has dropped their unlimited storage, I’d like to continue to take advantage of Prime Photos. One of the sync folders has 1.06TB of content, most of which have filetypes acceptable to Amazon. I’ve already consumed my free 5GB of storage, so most files are now rejected except for the “unlimited” photos.

Now, when I sync this folder, I get a list of “not allowed files”, mostly .XMP sidecar files. I can live with this, but my question: is ODrive sending these files (using bandwidth) and is Amazon rejecting them because I’m out of non-photo storage, or are they rejected immediately without using bandwidth?

Also, does ODrive understand that these files will never upload or will it keep retrying?

Finally, is there a way to set a filter to control which files get uploaded?

Hi @uwe.baemayr,
Take a look at the above posts. Currently odrive doesn’t have any special logic to handle this on Amazon, so it is exception-driven. This is something we are looking at improving in future revisions, though.

I also keep filling up my free 5GB of free video storage in amazon. Do you know when an exclude list will be available?

My bandwith is currently being throttled because odrive is constantly trying to upload GBs of video to no avail.

Only solution at the moment is to not use odrive and revert to the amazon sync agent (which pains me to have to do)

Hi @luke,
I don’t have a timeline to provide, but it is something we will have in the next generation product.

I have the same issue. My unlimited storage was cancelled, though I do have Prime. I do keep all my videos and photos together (it is a very NORMAL thing to do). I cannot and do not want to move all of them out of my folder’s context and do not want to rename it as it will not be recognized by my video editing programs anymore. I expect a solution from Amazon, very simple one, as adding extension filters. Currently I cannot use Amazon photos as it keep loading long videos, gets full, fails and goes through this cycle again and again.

Would like to +1 a request for this feature.

I’m using Prime to synch my photos, and I, like many other people, keep all my photos and videos in the same folder. Despite selecting “Photos only”, my drive agent continuously, repeatedly attempts to upload videos (.MOV and .mp4 files in same folder).

  1. why give me the option to only synch photos if the option is simply ignored by the agent?
  2. If this feature cannot be fixed, can we at least get a configurable blacklist ?


Hi @kaceymaher,
Can you take a screenshot of the “Photos only” option? odrive doesn’t have a concept of syncing only photos, so you may be using a different application.

So… I just saw that htese f…kwits don’t actually let you even chose a folder to backup. It just synces everything. All the media. Damn, they’re really nasty, right? I mean they violate every folder on your computer and cellphone and inspect every element. If they find a photo or a video they back it, but otherwise, they actually check EVERY DAMN ITEM on your device. Or, if they don’t, then how do I only chose a SPECIFIC FOLDER to be synced, while other SPECIFIC FORDERS NOT!!! to be synced.

Hi @ovidiuloewe,
Based on your description, it doesn’t sound like you are using our software (odrive). Our software does not do what you are describing.

With odrive, you can use the right-click->”sync to odrive” or right-click->”backup to odrive” to choose specific, existing local folders for sync or backup.

I’m not.
I’ll edit my question.
However, you certainly DO have a problem: your Google ad brought me to you on the second link while searchingfor something else, which is to say there’s cheating at play. So maybe I’m not gonna edit my question after all.

Hi @ovidiuloewe ,
We don’t have any Google Ads running. Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing?