How to stop individual files syncing?

I want to stop avi files syncing with Amazon leaving the file on the PC only but I want the rest of the files in the folder to sync. It appears that unsync will create a placeholder on the local drive with the actual file left on Amazon which is not what I want.

Any suggestions? I have found the documentation rather difficult to navigate and unclear in this area, an issue I notice other people also seem to have :frowning:

Hi @w.iain.morrison,

Unfortunately, odrive does not have such feature available for end-users to maintain user-defined file’s whitelist and blacklist. This is something we may introduce in the future but currently there is no direct way to avoid synchronization of certain files between your PC and Storage based on file extension / type.

There is one workaround to prevent files sync between your desktop and storage by putting ~ at beginning of your *.avi files. Please note that odrive ignore any files starting with ~ in all sync and unsync operations. This means if you “Unsync” parent folder containing your *.avi files (having ~ as pre-fix) then there will be no warning and *all your .avi files will be lost during conversion to placeholder files. This workaround is only recommended if already *have a backup of your .avi files somewhere else.