How to setup Wasabi with Odrive?

I am having problems with Odrive accessing Wasabi. I have search through the Odrive website but I can’t find any support for Odrive anywhere. Do they even support their product?

I have put in my correct information in Odrive > Link Storage but what do users select for “default storage class” when trying to connect to Wasabi? The choices are STANDARD, STANDARD_IA, and REDUCED REDUNDANCY. There is also selection required for directory structure: ENHANCED O DRIVE FS and SIMPLE / DELIMITED.

I have tried multiple combinations but the files do not accurately appear in the Wasabi manager. The show up on the Odrive folder (is macOS Finder) but are entirely missing from the Wasabi File Manager.

Does anyone have Wasabi set up and working with Odrive?

Hi @michaelcfish,
Most of our support is done here on the forum and I can help you out.

You can use our Wasabi link option to link Wasabi.

For the host, you will want to use the appropriate URL for the region that your bucket is in. More on that here:

For directory structure options, take a look at this post here: What is the difference between the two Directory Structure options for S3 and Google Cloud Storage

Many folks will pick the Simple ‘/’ delimited directory structure because it is most compatible with other clients, including the Wasabi’s own client, but it doesn’t support folder moves/renames.

Here is an example:

Are you able to browse/upload/download your Wasabi link from the odrive web client?


When I try connecting to my Wasabi account using this as an example, I get this error

Cannot browse Wasabi. S3 error.

I’m able to connect to the same API key and bucket using my Synology box. Any thoughts on how I can get past this?


Hi @themadcomputerfreak,
Is it possible that your bucket is in a different region (west or central)?

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That was it! I didn’t even see those listed on Wasbi’s website…thanks for the quick reply.

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is necesary configure something more in wasabi side

There isn’t anything else you need to do on the Wasabi side, aside from getting the Wasabi API Access Key and Secret Access Key and making sure that you are using the proper endpoint URL.

Are you seeing an error?