How to set up FTP backup to Amazon Cloud Drive



I have a WD Personal NAS to store my local security camera footage ( about 20gb)
I also have 1TB Amazon Cloud Drive.
I also have a ultra netbook running 24 hr for varies thing.

What is the easiest way to periodically (e.g. 15 ~ 30 min. ) backup my NAS to a folder I created under Amazon cloud drive?

I have install odrive from the website, but I don’t think the current one can do that. I saw there is odrive2.
Would that accomplish what I wanted?


Hi @tonglan999,
odrive1 is geared for full, bi-directional sync, so it sometimes isn’t the best solution for traditional backup.

odrive2 has a more traditional backup feature. If the NAS drive is connected to the system via a mounted drive, you can just drag that into the odrive2 desktop client (Windows only, right now), and create a persistent backup that way. It will backup files whenever a change is detected, although Windows may not report that on networked drives. Otherwise it will scan and backup every 24 hours.

You can read more about the odrive2 windows client here:


Can you walk me through the steps on odrive 1 for this set up.
I have already linked FTP and amazon drive.


Hi @tonglan999,
You won’t be able to sync one link to another in odrive1, so you wouldn’t want to use the FTP link for this. Instead you would be using “sync to odrive” to sync the mounted network drive of your NAS to Amazon.

Take a look at this portion of our documentation for more information: