How Does One Open Odrive2 Files?



Hello @Odrive,

Please, how does one open/sync Odrive2 .475 files from the cfr.t folders?
Does that require Odrive2 credit or monthly subscription?

What led to this was that since I just Unsynced most of my computer files with Odrive and then tried to search for files on my system with UltraSearch application, it seems files within Odrive Unsynced folders are NO MORE searchable.

However, the names of those searched files showed up under Odrive2 cfr.t folders.

So, I was wondering if one could open the file location in Odrive2 directly from there, and one can then decide whether to download with Odrive2 or Sync the searched file again with Odrive since can now trace its location?


Hi @awoobforknowledge,
It sounds like you are looking for a way to still browse all of your storage while minimizing sync activity by unsyncing (collapsing) folders in odrive1. You can use the odrive2 application to do this. It will allow you to browse all of the storage and open files via the Drives Explorer. This functionality is free.

Keep in mind that odrive1 Premium subscribers can also get matching credit on odrive2. You can learn more about that here:


Thanks a lot Tony, for the great response.

Yes, I know I can browse all of my storage with Odrive2 but Odrive2 can’t be used to search for a particular file name via the Drive Explorer.

Sometimes, you don’t know the exact location of a file you’re looking for but through search, you can easily locate their location.

Back to my question, how can I open/sync Odrive2 .475 files from the cfr.t folders which I can locate through search on my computer?

***So, I was wondering if one could open the file location in Drive Explorer directly from there, and one can then decide whether to download with Odrive2 or Unsync the searched file again with Odrive since I can now trace its location?


Hi @awoobforknowledge,

Can you clarify this further for me? I don’t quite understand. Maybe you can list the steps you would like to perform?


1 - I was looking for a file name CBAM-Software on my system.

2 - Since I had Unsynced its containing folder with Odrive, the file name is no more showing up in its folder during search on my computer except in Odrive2’s cfr.t folder as a .475 file.

3 - I tried to open the .475 file location if possible I can double click it from there and then open in Odrive2 Drive Explorer from which I may be able to trace the location of the actual file on my computer.

4 - But the file didn’t open in Odrive2 explorer after double clicking.


Hi @awoobforknowledge,
I see now. The files you are looking at there are part of the odrive2 cache and aren’t really usable outside of the odrive2 application.

If you need to be able to search across your cloud folders you will need to expand those folders with odrive1 so that you can see inside. I know this is what we were trying to avoid, to decrease the sync overhead, but there isn’t really a way around it, at the moment.

A future feature we have discussed for odrive2 is to allow searching within the odrive2 app, which might serve your purposes.

As for odrive1, the ability to disable background scanning was added (you can find it below the ‘stop automatic sync’ option at the top of the odrive1 tray menu), and you can use that to prevent scanning overhead, especially during periods where you are using your system and need to make sure it stays snappy.


Exactly @Tony, the search feature within the Odrive2 is the solution to my question.

Yes, I am already aware of the “disable background scanning” and the “stop automatic sync” options

It means for now, after Unsyncing majority of my files with Odrive1, if I couldn’t remember the location of a file or I need to search for a possible file, I may have to be logging into my Amazon Cloud Drive account online to make my search.


Hi @awoobforknowledge,
You are correct. Even though it is not as convenient, using the Amazon Drive web client to perform searches can work, as well.


Sequel to my issues here, I am now trying to sync all my .cloudf folders so that after that I will only unsync files within folders and NOT FOLDERS again; and that will allow my search for files to become achievable by God’s Grace.

Meanwhile, at the moment, it seems my Odrive is busy, as a result of which, when I selected a number of .cloudf folders to be synced, the Odrive menu options were not showing. This had made me to be double clicking each .cloudf folder one after the other, and this is taking a lot of time.

I therefore want to ask if you can help me with a micro that can go ahead and be double clicking each .cloudf folder for me one after the other instead of having to be taking my time doing that??? PLEASE!


Hi @awoobforknowledge,
If you want to expand all folders, but not files, you can do the following:

  • Right-click on the topmost folder for the structure you want to expand (this can be all the way up the the “odrive” folder) and select “sync”.
  • On the Sync pop-up window, slide the slider all the way to the left for “Nothing”
  • Check the “Include Subfolders” checkbox
  • Check the “Save and apply to new files and folders” checkbox
  • Click the sync button.


This will initiate an expand of all folders in the structure, but will leave all files as placeholders (.cloud).