How does drive back-up with google drive work?



We were using Carbonite earlier. We recently started using Odrive as our backup agent. We are backing up our server files to google drive (Small Data 20-30Gb).

  • So, wanted to understand, how does this work?
  • Does it keep change history? (In case we need to go back and restore some files).
  • Does Odrive provide Dashboard like carbonite where we can check status?
  • Are we going to get notification somewhere that will show that the sync stopped so some tech issue?
    -Can we set notification automation within Odrive?


Hi @ravi,
odrive1 is full, bi-directional sync, so it is different than traditional backup. It will sync additions, edits, and deletes in both directions. Here is a post where I go into that in more detail:

odrive2 does have a backup feature. We have an initial release of this in the beta Windows client:

  • The backup feature in odrive2 keeps versions of files, so an edit of a file is added as another version in the cloud.
  • We are still building out the features and functionality, but it currently has a monitoring and status UI to determine the state of each backup that has been setup.
  • The backup monitor will show failures. We do not currently have a method to send external notifications to the user about this


@Tony Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:


As per your instructions I have downloaded odrive2. I have created a new account for odrive2, however, I am unable to sync/connect my Odrive1 account with/to Odrive2.

  • Please let me know how do I connect odrive1 to odrive2?
  • Two members of my team use premium version will their credits/feature for the paid account will be retained in odrive2 as well by connecting with one another automatically?
  • Can we delete odrive1 once odrive2 completely syncs?
  • If we need to use both will they eat space of my computer twice?


Hi @ravi,
I believe you are a member of an Org, which is a gap right now in the odrive1 to odrive2 credit automation. I’ll send you a DM to follow-up on this.

It really depends on your use cases. odrive1 and odrive2 are separate apps, so they don’t have any interaction with each other. odrive2 does not have all of the features that odrive1 has, yet, however, so there may be odrive1 feature you want to still make use of. If odrive2 does everything you currently need then you can use it exclusively and uninstall odrive1.

If you sync the same data on both apps then your system will end up having that data twice.


@Tony Ok I will wait for your DM.