How do I use "sync to oDrive" on an encrypted folder?



I am trying to sync a folder on another drive to an encrypted folder.
I right-click on the folder and select Sync to oDrive, the browser shows and I select the Encryptor, I then try to select a folder and it says:
This folder is only accessible with the odrive sync desktop application
What do I do?


Hi @wynne.tom,
Currently you can’t “sync to odrive” to an Encryptor folder, but mixing encryption with “sync to odrive” is something we are planning on supporting as part of our next iteration of encryption.


I was hoping to be able to sync/backup some internal drives and an external NAS and have those all encrypted. This isn’t possible yet?
I tried to make a symbolic linked folder (using MKLINK in windows) and that seemed to work, however, there is no way to selectively unsync files within the folder, even though the icons appear to be working. I only have the unsync option at the folder level.


Actually, never mind, the unsync option appeared after the whole folder was synced. The symbolic folder solution should work for now. Just a bit more initial setup work.


Hi @wynne.tom,
Keep in mind that we do not officially support symlinks/junctions for performing these types of folder manipulations. Here is a post I wrote about it a little while ago:

As I said at the end of that post, though, it is possible to get it to work for your use case. It is just not something I can recommend.


Rough estimate of when that will be?


We still don’t have a clear date for release on this, but it is underway.


Any progress on this issue? I can’t seem to find an alternative workflow.I need to encrypt my files for ACD upload and periodically sync folders for changes (mirror to ACD). I still rely on sync tools like Syncovery but I lose the availability and easiness of odrive.


This is planned as part of our next major release, which is currently estimated to be a couple months away.


Will this feature be supported recently?
I will upgrade to premium account as soon as it is ready :slight_smile:


Hi @alexnekocn,
it is not available yet. We will be sure to announce when it is, though. :slight_smile: