How do I log in to odrive2?


Hi, i like to upgrade to 2 but it don´t works. Please help!

After a year, Odrive stopped sync'ing

What is my Odrive ID ?? i don´t have…


Hi @sven.gauditz,
Because of its extensive changes, the odrive2 platform has its own accounts, so you will need to create an account for odrive2 even if you already have one for odrive. Once you’ve created that account you can link your storage.

odrive2 is still in beta, so we don’t have all of the features and clients available that we do for odrive. You most likely won’t want to stop using odrive, but you can use odrive2 in conjunction with odrive.


i am trying to login into the new Odrive2 desktop interface. I am getting an error regarding my user id. See attached.

Do I need to crate a new account for Odrive2? Thank you!


Hi @jeremy5,
Sorry for the confusion. Yes you need to create a new account.


Thanks so much for the timely response Tony!
I’ve created the new account for Odrive2, how do I link the Odrive2 to my storage from Odrive?
I just want to try out the new features of Odrive2. I hardly use any of the advanced features in Odrive anyway. Thanks!


Hi @jeremy5,
odrive2’s storage paradigm revolves around “Drives”, which allow you to create custom views of your data. To start you can create a new drive, then link storage. You can also add storage, which can then utilized by the Drives you create from the “Personal Settings” -> “Storage” view.


This change is biting off a little more than I can chew at this point. Is there a way to roll back to regular Odrive?


Hi @jeremy5,
You can run odrive1 and odrive2 at the same time, so you don’t have to switch back and forth. If you want to explore odrive2 later, just close it down for now.


I see that now. Thanks for your patience.


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