How can I Sync my external harddrive to Amazon drive

How do I copy my entire hard drive and subfolder to Amazon drive under a folder and configure it to sync everything daily. I am having challenge with app as they start saving what is on my cloud back to my drive and taking up space which I do not want.

Hi @bhawna,
You can use “sync to odrive” to create a sync relationship between an external folder and a remote folder. This is a Premium feature and you can read more about it here:

By default odrive will merge the content, uploading the files in the local folder to the remote storage, and creating placeholder files to represent the remote files. They should not be downloading automatically unless you setup folder sync rules to do so:

It sounds like you are looking for a traditional backup solution. odrive is currently a full, bi-directional sync solution and not traditional backup, although we will be releasing a backup feature. Sync may be a bit heavy for what you want to do, although there are many folks who use it this way. I got into this in more detail in this post, if you are interested: Backup (one-way sync)