High CPU loads on Mac v.6149 build

[Issue reported via Twitter]

on the new MacBook Pro (2016) odrive (prod 6149) has way too high CPU loads (>100%) - what’s going on here? Unusable right now

Kolja, can you describe what happened before the CPU started to go high? Was this on an initial install, or are you in the middle of syncing content?

I’ve got the same problem. 15" MacBook Pro 2016 Version. Running consistently at 100% CPU. On start-up, and keeps running a day later. Is not writing/reading any files. Unusable.

Don’t believe it’s been working since I first installed it on the new MacBook over one month ago. I also have it running on a MacBook (12") and there things seem to be working “fine”.

The oDrive menu also stops working a short while after launch. E.g. does not appear when clicking on the oDrive icon.

Syncing relatively large number of files to Amazon Cloud Drive.

Version 6149


Are you able to get on and Send diagnostics for us to try to take a look at what’s going on? And is the machine having problems running MacOS Sierra (and is it updated to latest)?


Machine works fine. Brand new. Latest OS. What diagnostics would you like?

Hi @brondmo,
Can you send the diagnostics from the odrive tray menu? If the menu is not responsive you may need to restart, then send the diagnostic.

The behavior you are describing sounds like odrive is overloaded.
Do you know how much data it is currently monitoring?
Are you currently attempting a bulk upload?