Help me please... Cant sync file on Windows

Why is it happen (in the picture)? I hardly can sync it to my laptop… What should i do?

Hi @Christine_Meliana,
Did you recently change any of the top folder names?
Can you please click on the “send diagnostics” link in the odrive tray menu?


I just sync it for the first time. Sometimes it works (they can sync) but most of the time the error appear. I’ve sent diagnostics 2 times today.

What should i do next?


Hi Christine,
Can you tell me where your odrive folder is located? It looks like it was moved at some point from your home directory\odrive to D:\odrive. Is it possible that you are in the wrong directory?

I think we can clear this up quickly by selecting Authorize User -> Deauthorize from the odrive tray menu and then log back in. This will backup the current odrive folder in D:\ and create a fresh, new one with unsynced content.

Can you give that a shot?

okay i’ll try… thanks for the info…