Had to restore my Mac Hard Drive - now oDrive asks me to upgrade

I am using oDrive to sync folders to my Amazon Cloud Drive. I was under the impression that this functionality is free. After I restored my hard drive, oDrive doesn’t sync anymore. when I try to sync, I get the message: "Unable to sync with odrive This is a premium feature. Please upgrade your account."
I tried to deauthorize the user, I reinstalled but I keep getting this message.

Is this an error or did I just misunderstood the free use of odrive?

OSX 10.11.5

Hi @ilandavid,

I believe this is not an error but gated premium feature which you are trying to use and most probably your 7 days trial period has been ended =(

You can continue to sync files between your sources and desktop being a free user.

Well, when you right-click --> Sync (please don’t select “Save and apply to new files and folders”) since its part of premium plan, although “Include Subfolders” is free to use.

You can upgrade to premium plan any time, if you feel odrive is adding more value to your sync experience and the way your handle your important files / folders.

Please learn more about the premium features here:

Please learn more about the odrive here:


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