Google Drive to oDrive: folders showing up but no files inside

how long does it take for files to show up? it’s been syncing for 2 days and i still don’t see files.

Hi @joann.assawa,
Can you tell me what steps you’ve taken so far? Did you link Google Drive and then copy lots of data into odrive?

Can you please send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and I can take a look?

sent diagnostics over. i copied a large folder named “Business” from one Google Drive (personal) and to another Google Drive (business). i use oDrive to transfer files.

Hi @joann.assawa,
I took a look at the diagnostics, but I don’t see an apparent issue. However, I think I may know what is going on:

When you copied data from one Google Drive to another, was this done via odrive?
If so, were all of the files downloaded in the source folder before you copied them into the destination folder?

Since odrive will put down placeholders for files, by default, you would need to explicitly tell odrive to download everything locally before you can copy the data over. Otherwise you are only copying the placeholders, which will not result in a copy of your cloud data. Currently odrive cannot perform cloud to cloud copies.

If you expanded your folders, but did not sync down the files and left them as placeholders then a copy operations would copy all of the folders over (and sync them), but no files would sync up, because they don’t exist locally.

Is this what may have happened?