Google drive sync

Hey guys. Apologies if this is somewhere else In the forum. I am currently uploading about 50 gigs to google drive which is going fine. But I did a test between google drive and my computer and I’m not sure if things are working correctly. I have my desktop folder on my Mac synced to google drive. I renamed a subfolder there in google drive and a day later it still has not renamed on my computer. I used to use odrive with amazon instead of google and it seemed to work. Is this a limitation of google drive? Or because I’m bulk uploading right now possibly?

Hi @nholloman,
If you are in the middle of bulk uploading, you can see delays in reflection of remote content. This is because odrive is busy cranking away on the list of items to be uploaded and hasn’t gotten back to a state where it is asking for other remote changes. I also advise waiting for your upload to complete before modifying the structure, if possible.