Google Drive folder with leading space not synced

I’ve been using odrive for several months, and I was always baffled by a folder that I always seemed to misplace. It’s a folder within a Google Drive folder that was shared with me. Today, what I found out is that the folder exists on Google Drive’s web interface, but it doesn’t exist on odrive’s folder on my computer. What I found out is that the folder name had a leading space. Once I removed this space using GDrive’s interface, it immediately came up with odrive. It could also be related to the folder having a Hebrew name.
Please take care of that glitch, since many people could be missing important documents, and not even be aware of it.
P.S. The folder’s name is in Hebrew, perhaps that’s related too.

Hi @misterhatoola,

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. First of all, similar to Google Drive’s web interface you may also find the folder in odrive web interface but when it comes to desktop clients there are sync rules, OS restrictions, source based rules, etc… which a file / folder must qualify before processing.

Please learn more about basic odrive sync rules below:

We will not sync up a file to a remote source if it contains illegal characters for that source. The rules can vary from source to source. If the source does not allow it, we will put the item in the Not Allowed list (see odrive tray menu).
We will not sync from the remote source to a local desktop sync client a file or folder with a name that is illegal on the sync client’s OS. In this situation we simply do not display the file on your local client, but you can rename it to something legal if you want to get it to appear.
The second rule means that you could in theory upload a file that has a legal name on Mac (but illegal on Windows) to a remote source which accepts that name. Then you would be able to see that file on any Mac but it wouldn’t appear on a Windows client. This is an uncommon scenario for a personal user, though you may run into if you are using shared storage.

Well, odrive fully supports Unicode chars in Google Drive and there shouldn’t be any issue with Hebrew chars in syncing file / folders. If you find anything with Unicode chars please let me know.