Google Cloud suddenly slow and super expensive

Forgive me, I’m a total newb to cloud storage.

I have a client that uploads 100’s of gb in large files every week. He was using FTP but we kept having corruption issues.

I switched over to Google Cloud and it was SUPER fast at first but also extremely expensive, couple hundred a month in fees.

Now it’s slowed down to 40Mbps upload (we have a 1Gbps tap). I searched and didn’t see any scripts for speeding an upload, just download.

Also, considering we have probably 6-8TB downloaded a month, does $200/month sound right in Google Cloud fees? Seems like lunacy to me, as though we’re doing something wrong.

Hi @prefectionist,
Can you tell me a little bit more about how this is being used?

odrive has not changed anything regarding speed of uploads in a very long time, so I can’t say why speeds would slow down. Are you and your client seeing the slowdown?
Do you see this slowdown from multiple systems?

Google Cloud Storage is $0.02 per GB of stored data for their standard storage per month (less for nearline and coldline, more for Japan). If you are adding several TB a month every month that will definitely start to add up. There are also fees for data transfer out of Google Cloud, although they are measured in TB, so it shouldn’t have much of an impact if you are only downloading 6-8TB/month. If you use nearline and coldline, those have a cost for data retrieval too.

More info here:
You should also be able to see the details of cost from your Google Cloud Billing Console:

I thought I would reply in this thread first, and if it’s not the right place, I’ll start a new one…

I also use Odrive w/ GCS and have been for several months now. It is usually blazing fast for upload/download and odrive also used to be blazing fast with detecting a file/folder change in order to begin the sync. I sync less than 100GB only between 3 machines on my century link LAN running their fiber service with 1Gbps up/down.

Now, however, that speed has slowed down as well, but particularly slow is Odrive detecting the changes and the uploading. Last night, for instance, I made a 200MB zip file and put it in one of my folders that Odrive monitors and syncs. By the time that odrive detected the change and I saw it on another computer on my LAN, about 15 minutes went by!

Is there something I’m missing or should be doing? I’m running windows 10 64 Pro on all my machines and they are all managed by Bitdefender GravityZone security software, that’s it.

Thanks for any guidance.

Hi @rkorkie,
odrive detects local changes via filesystem events from Windows. As long as those are performing properly uploads should begin quickly.

I have seen some recent issues with Bitdefender and it is possible that it could be interfering somehow. Is that a recent addition to these systems, or has it been running the whole time.

Can you add a file to odrive, wait a few minutes, then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look? Please provide the path of the file you added too.