Getting Conflicts with Amazon Drive and Photoshop files

Hello, I’m currently working in Photoshop and saving files to my external drive. Sometimes I have to make updates to these files, a few times in 20 minutes or so. Every time I do this it’s creating 11488(conflict).psd (example) files. From what I’ve read so far this is only supposed to happen when someone else is accessing the file. I am the only one using the drive, and only accessing on one computer. This really needs to stop.

When multiple people are editing the same file, odrive resolves any potential conflicts by keeping both files and renaming the more recently submitted file as a conflict file. We err on the side of not losing data.

For example, when you are saving a local edit but odrive detects a remote change to that file, odrive will resolve the conflict by renaming the local file with “(conflict)”.

Hi @scottfoto,
Can you create one of these conflicts and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after it occurs? I will try to see why odrive is creating these conflicts.

There were plenty that happened today, how far back does the diagnostic go? I won’t be at my computer until next week.

Hi @scottfoto,
The diagnostic only captures a small window, so we would need to get one right after this happens.

I sent a couple diagnostics today

Hi @scottfoto,
I took a look at the diagnostics and here’s what I see:

Since these files are larger, you look to be hitting a known issue with Amazon and large file uploads. (Here is a post about it: Amazon Drive Sync to 98% - Repeat)

Often Amazon will return errors when uploading a large file, indicating that the upload has failed and we should try again. In some of these cases the file actually does make it to Amazon and they fully process it (after a period of time). Now odrive, unaware that the file actually made it up, retries the upload. At this point a “new” version of this file has appeared that was not there before (the file that was reported as having failed but actually made it up). odrive sees this new version, thinks that there must have been an edit of the this file elsewhere, and decide that it needs to create a conflict file to prevent any data loss. The conflict is created and uploaded.

I realize the above is a bit verbose. The short of it is:
Amazon throws an error on upload, but it actually succeeds. odrive retries the upload but finds a new version of the file now exists. odrive creates a conflict file, unaware that the new version is actually the version it previously tried to upload.

We are working on ways to try to get around this quirky Amazon behavior. In the meantime there isn’t a solid workaround for this, but a few ideas:

  • Delete the conflict file, as it is most likely the same as the non-conflict file (double-check it though).
  • If you are making edits to large files, save them as new file names (ABC_v2.psd, for example). The conflict scenario happens on file updates, vs new file uploads. On new file uploads, odrive is able to better deal with the sudden appearance of a new file and can usually resolve it out.

Ok, I understand. I think it could possibly stop the duplicates if it only uploaded at night. Is this a feature since I would be done saving a large file multiple times in a few minutes? I can’t find this option.

Hi @scottfoto,
We don’t have a native way to schedule sync in the app, but you can “Stop automatic sync” in under the top item in the odrive menu. This will prevent automatic uploading until you toggle that setting again. Would that work for your needs?

No, I’m not going to remember to turn it on every night and off every day. Could you work on a schedule solution like most backup apps that only sync one time a day so you’re not getting conflicts as you’re working on your files?

And now I’m having more issues. I uploaded a shoot last Friday and Saturday in three parts. I transfer them to my local drive, import into Lightroom, change the filename and convert to DNG. Doing all of this seems to freak O-Drive out because it’s trying to upload the new files, then update the changes and it gets super confused, deletes my files off my harddrive and leaves a .cloud file that says “no sync options”. All of the files are safely on Amazon, but I don’t have a way to get them back on my harddrive. This is not helpful. This is not workable.

Hi @scottfoto,
It is important to note that odrive is not a traditional backup solution, but a fully bi-directional, near-real-time sync engine. The intent is for the engine to always be syncing so that changes on either side are reflected as soon as possible. When there are a lot or changes (especially moves and renames) things can get a little chaotic.

Usually when you see the “No Options Available” it indicates that odrive is still trying to process changes, and hasn’t completed its scanning/indexing. That should resolve after a little bit.

In any case, it sounds like running sync only periodically, or on a schedule would be beneficial to your workflow. This can be accomplished using the CLI and scheduled tasks. Is this on MacOS?

I am on mac OS. This could be helpful. Can you describe how to do that?

Hi @scottfoto,
You can use this CLI command to shutdown odrive:
python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) shutdown

You can use this command to start odrive:
open /Applications/

You can setup some cron jobs to regulate when you want these commands to execute by opening a terminal command and typing crontab -e

This will open up the crontab editor. you can then add the following lines to that file and save it.

0 21 * * * open /Applications/
0 8 * * * python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) shutdown

The first line would run odrive at 9:00pm, every night
The second line would shutdown odrive at 8:00am every morning.

More info about cron here: