General Sync Question (deletes)

I just set up odrive (free version) with Amazon Drive on my MAC. I have been trying a few things just to see how it works. I moved a file into the Amazon folder within the odrive folder on my MAC. Then through the web interface, I went into my Amazon Drive and there it was as expected. When I then moved it out of the odrive folder onto my desktop and it never removes it from my Amazon Drive. I deleted the file from my desktop and still it is on my Amazon Drive. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @rich2,
odrive has a “trash” which holds remote delete operations until the user explicitly empties the trash (or turns on the “auto empty trash” feature). This is a safeguard to prevent unintended local deletes from affecting your remote storage.

When you go to the odrive menu and select “Trash bin” -> “Empty trash and sync all deletes” it will run through those held operations and send the delete commands to the remote storage.