Future of Odrive?

Hi There,

I have been a premium user for some time now, I love the product and want to continue using it. I also know that my subscription is about to review. I thought that would be a good time to check back in on the site and see if there have been any new posts or press about tech that could be coming with odrive. I noticed that there haven’t been any blog posts since 2016 and that development of newer features seems to not really exist in press release or forum posts. What’s going on over there?

If there are any plans to improve Odrive, like say, build a more flexible web portal and linking system, I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for the product and I hope its all moving forward.

Hi @conor,
We definitely have things in the works.

We are actually nearing a release point for mobile and web clients on the new, next-generation platform, and it will offer a more flexible webportal and linking system :smile:

There is actually a lot of stuff coming, and we want to start pushing it out in stages to get feedback from the community, so stay tuned!

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Thanks Tony,

I am stoked to see what’s coming. I hope to hear some dates and previews soon.

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