Free Box account limits uploads to 250MB, upload was failing in a loop limits free accounts to 250MB upload. I dropped a 400MB file in and odrive was trying to upload it in a loop. I only noticed this 2 days later after 2 days of extremely slow internet.

Hi @rahulnvaidya,
Apologies for the confusion. odrive will currently retry failed uploads, periodically, if they aren’t considered “fatal” errors. Its part of the general philosophy that we should try to get files uploaded as the #1 priority.

The next generation of odrive will make these types of situations more visible, so that you are aware of the issue earlier. I will also talk to the product team about the possibility of adding specific Box rules for this scenario.

Any update on this? I forgot about this issue, and it happened again, causing > 1 TB of traffic, slowness for a week, and a letter from my ISP.

Hi @rahulnvaidya,
I’m sorry to hear you hit this again. The next generation product is still being worked on, but I have made sure to make this visible to the product team again.