Forced to fast-abandon Amazon Cloud drive - sync help

Hi everyone,

I have 9 TB of work and family data on Amazon Cloud Drive, and they recently upped the price for this storage from $60/year to $550/year on me. Not happy of course, so abandoning them.

I’ve been trying to get the data off correctly using Odrive sync of course, and sync all my content on Amazon Cloud down through Odrive - for days - and little to none is coming down.

I figured out why. Apparently Amazon isn’t allowing Odrive to sync Amazon Cloud folder when an account is over quota. Once they declared me over quota, I cannot use Odrive to get the content. I clicked on one of the files being labeled “Not Allowed” (due to the account issue) so you can see what one of the hundreds of these look like.

NOW - I don’t have time to resolve the Odrive issue or wait for the downloads through Odrive, so please don’t look into that, I just shared that issue for awareness and the rationale behind the next part of this post.

I’m presently using Amazon’s own app to download ALL 9 TB of files with their directory structure to an external drive on my machine. This is the only option I have to get all my data back fast enough before they delete it. Of course, since I sent it all there with Odrive, all I’m downloading is 4.7 million encrypted files. I’m doing this with the “faith” that Odrive is smart enough to decrypt the files on a local drive once I have it all here. If not, I may need help to do this manually.

What I need to know is this: Once I have all the encrypted files (including all hidden files) neatly stacked on an external drive, what are the steps I go through to tell Odrive,

“hey Odrive, all of my encrypted files are now located at this external drive location. Go decrypt them locally (and delete the encrypted versions), everything you should need should be there”

I know this will take days or weeks after I get everything down from Amazon.

Once decrypted, I purchased an unlimited size Dropbox Pro account and plan to create a new encrypted share there and upload all this content there. But before that, I have to decrypt it all locally after download.

Guidance appreciated!

Love the product and am using it for almost everything now. I don’t put any data on clouds anymore unless it is encrypted, and Odrive BLOWS BOXCRYPTOR AWAY in my opinion.


Hi @spacecommguy,
I was unaware that Amazon would prevent access once you are over quota. I as over quote, as well, but was able to pull off my data without issue.

Do you still have a valid subscription with Amazon, or did the subscription lapse? If its still valid, Amazon should allow you to pull the data off, you just won’t be able to upload any remote data. The error message you posted seems like it is actually an upload error.

Ideally you could use odrive to download and decrypt all of this data. It is possible to do manually, but I don’t think you will be able to use the odrive app to do it, since the files will not be able to correctly enter the Encryptor flow if you have downloaded them through other means.

I have some odrive utilities here, which include the ability to decrypt files outside of odrive, if it comes to that:

I know you said you didn’t want to troubleshoot the odrive -> Amazon connection issue, but it may be worthwhile to at least take a quick look at it. Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

If you try to sync a placeholder Encryptor file to download it locally, does it give an error?

Hi Tony, thanks - excellent reply!

Do you still have a valid subscription with Amazon, or did the subscription lapse?

Why yes - it did lapse. I was on the $60/yr unlimited storage plan for years, then this year at renewal they decided to raise my price to $550 for the 9 TB of storage, so of course I wouldn’t let it renew!

I received a bland, canned message from their support people saying they decided to raise the price for cloud. This is really sad, frankly. Amazon’s cloud and web services are the largest in the world I hear, making boatloads of money, and their leader is not the richest man on Earth, but they dump their cloud agreements with their very active customers (I have 662 purchases from Amazon so far this year!) and give us an “order of magnitude” price increase. Sad! That’s why I am trying to take my data somewhere else but they are holding it hostage.

It looks like the only app allowed to interact with it is their own, this app is crap frankly (crashe and restarts almost hourly on two newer computers) so I’m not sure I’ll ever get all this data down.

This means I can get the encrypted files down, and will try to use your tools later to decrypt while on the local drive.

I’m also trying software called “Syncovery” which claims it can download from Amazon Cloud, but so far it crashes on my mac after it completes the file inventory only… :frowning:

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

Maybe, what is included in this file? I have a lot of customer data in here and they might not like me sharing file/folder contents or names with anyone. What does the diagnostic data include?

If you try to sync a placeholder Encryptor file to download it locally, does it give an error?

Haven’t tried… May soon

Hi @spacecommguy,

The diagnostic dump is a snapshot of a short period of time. It shows paths of the files that were synced or were attempted to be synced and the outcomes of those attempts. Diagnostic data is purged after 5 days.

odrive may still be able to work if Amazon Cloud Drive is allowing you to login. I noticed in the screenshot that you had the odrive web client up, so it seems like it should work. You may want to give that another crack. If you do, make sure you do not copy any files into the Encryptor folders. odrive will attempt to upload them and that will probably cause the error you are seeing.

A plan of action could be to install odrive fresh, then try to download the contents of the Encryptor folders (one at a time if you have several). Since Amazon Drive tends to have some download stability issues, we may want to run a script to brute force the download, too. I can go into this further if you would like more info.