Folders with RAW files not synching to Amazon

Hi there!

I just learned about odrive and I’m on the trial period. I am using this on Windows. I have a NAS server which is mapped as a drive letter on my computer.

I am able to right click on a folder in the NAS server and click on Synch to ODrive. I noticed that if the folder contains only JPG files, they get synched and uploaded right away.

But I’ve noticed that any folder that contains any RAW files, don’t get synched at all. I waited a while thinking that because the files are larger it may take a while, but the process of showing the pink/blue icon doesn’t happen on these folders.

I have Amazon Prime, so I am believe RAW files are included in my unlimited photo storage.

Is this a known issue for odrive, or could be something in my setup?

I did a search on the forums regarding NAS and RAW files but I didn’t find anything so far.

Also, is this feature of synching from a NAS server, only a Premium feature? I would consider upgrading to Premium as long as it works for my needs.



Hi @bzavala,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

Do you see any files listed under “not allowed” in the odrive menu?

Thanks Tony. I sent the diagnostic. I don’t see any “not allowed” files any where in he odrive menu. Also, the folder i tried to synch has both RAW and JPG files. But neither upload.

Hi @bzavala,
I was able to take a look at the diagnostic. odrive is hitting a permission denied error on several of your sync folders. You may be able to see this if you look at the “sync to odrive” section in the odrive menu.

When a new sync to odrive folder is created, it first tries to write a .odrive to the root to mark/identify the folder and to test for write permissions. Do you know if these folders are read-only?

I see that now. I thought I had permissions but will need to check. So it needs to be able to write in the folder for synching? Im guessing if a file is deleted from Amazon Photos, then it needs to delete it from the NAS server?

Hi @bzavala,
That is correct. odrive is a bi-directional sync engine, so it needs to be able to write into the folder.