Folder Deletion Sync?

Hi I am not sure if this has been covered here so I am going to ask. I searched the forum for the answer and have not found it specifically. I essentially am looking to be able to delete a folder in Amazon Cloud Drive web app and have it delete from the Pro Sync’d folder on the cmputer. So if i am moving files around in the web app and deleting unneeded folders etc, I want this to be reflected at home on the the computer. Haven;t been able to get O Drive pro sync and amazon cloud drive to work like this. Dropbox’s interface works exactly like this. Help?

Any changes you make on Amazon Cloud Drive website will sync and create the corresponding changes in your odrive folder.

Have you tried it?

There may be a delay. If you don’t see the change, right-click in the folder and select “Refresh”.

If you delete the folder in amazon which is being pro sync’d, odrive does not delete the pro sync folder on your computer. It removes the pro sync instead.