Folder (and contents) not syncing in Windows after context menu "sync" click

Issue is relatively straightforward though solution is not. In Windows, right-click selecting “sync” for folder. All 0-byte icons are there (from the start). Odrive syncs probably 97% of all files, remaining are still 0-byte icons. If I double-click the 0-byte icon, the file will open after a delay. I move files around as I am consolidating my cloud storage, so I need to know that the files I sync, move, then delete are ALL there. Odrive, as it is now, will cause me to lose some very important information.

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Hi @deanneese,
Apologies for the confusion here. This is a situation we are aware of and are working on optimizing.

Bulk operations, such as syncing all files in a folder, can hit service exceptions during their run. The larger the operation (number of files/folders) the more likely an exception will be hit along the way. Some services are more prone to exceptions than others; things like rate limiting, network timeouts, etc… Some of these exceptions can halt the bulk operation, with the end result being that a subset of files has not been synced. Issuing the same command again will pick up the remaining items, but it is possible to hit another exception that halts the op.

We realize this is not optimal behavior and that all efforts should be made to complete the user’s intended result. If your goal is to migrate from one storage to another then this can be a problem, as you have stated above.

The easiest way to determine if an entire structure has been synced is to search for any instances of a .cloud/.cloudf file in the structure. There are also some simple scripts that can be run to essentially “loop until done” on a structure. I have posted one or two in the forum for folks as a more automated way to ensure that a structure is 100% downloaded, hitting any of the potential stragglers. Its a little bit primitive, but it has worked for their use cases. Here is an example:

Thanks Tony. It gives comfort that you are aware of the issue. However, additional instruction to “sync” did not solve the issue either. The only solution was to double-click each individual cloud file to sync the problematic file. I am not great with scripts, but I will give that a go. Thanks again!

It is odd that another folder sync would not pick up anything. It may be possible there is something on the remote storage that is not sync-able and causing it to blow out, but I would expect an error to be shown to you. You are not seeing any errors?

If you can reproduce this again, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a look?