Final Cut Pro project will not sync to Amazon Cloud Drive


Im just testing out odrive and I noticed that my Final Cut Pro project bundles (.fcpbundle) are not syncing. Right clicking the file and choosing sync displays the error “Unexpected error. Please try again later”. Is syncing Final Cut projects not supported with odrive?

We saw previous issues with iMovie, which seems to use pieces of Final Cut Pro underneath. The issue there was the .fcpcache folders, which we have since backlisted.

It’s possible there is some other issue here.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a look?

Thanks for your reply Tony,

I’ve send a diagnostic from the tray menu, should I do anything else to get it to you?

It looks like a similar issue to what we saw with iMovies, which uses Final Cut Pro underneath. We may have a regression in filtering out the .fcpcache folders, which tend to created in a way that causes infinite symlink recursion, for some bizarre reason. We are looking into that

In the meantime, here is the error being encountered:
Too many levels of symbolic links: '/Users/jayceyard/odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/Films/2016/2016-07-06 Efteling/2016-07-06 Efteling.fcpbundle/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache/.fcpcache

If you remove the top .fcpcache folder it should resolve the sync issue.

If you haven’t already removed those folders can you run this first and show me the output? Thanks!

ls -LR "$HOME/odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/Films/2016/2016-07-06 Efteling/2016-07-06 Efteling.fcpbundle/" | grep .fcpcache

getting the following message:
ls: .fcpcache: directory causes a cycle

Thanks. I don’t know why Final Cut Pro creates these self-referencing symlinks that cause infinite recursion, but its the issue you are running into here.

We are making some changes on our side to prevent this, but in the meantime you should be able to remove the fcpcache folder, or move it to an outside location to allow the rest to finish syncing.

I don’t use Final Cut Pro, however, I think mine is getting into something similar to this problem as well as of the past 2 days… I’ve been using stuff a lot lately on MacOS Sierra and Amazon Cloud Drive and have had to exit odrive several times over past 2 days because of 139% CPU usage, etc. Thinking I’m also victim to it for some reason or another, but have no idea what file is causing it and haven’t looked into it in Console or anything but wanted to comment anyway.

Actually, it may be Adobe Lightroom database file doing it.
It’s been syncing for awhile…

@Tony When do you expect that the new Mac Desktop Sync client will be available?
I’m having trouble in general with the current client and it doesn’t seem to sync all files in each directory and sometimes loses track of them. I’m also getting the end-less sync issue with Adobe Lightroom’s .lrdata file. Only one of them, I have others that have synced. Not sure what the deal is with this one.

Now that I think about it, it was because of that lrdata file that all the rest weren’t ever syncing. I think I’m good now. Sorry for so many messages. :smiley:

No worries. I’m glad you got things sorted out.

These graphic design/photo editing/video editing apps tend to have a ton of files associated with them. Anything database-like can be tricky, too, because those files tend to be open and changing all the time.

A quick search on lrdata shows that this file/folder in particular, can grow to gigantic sizes. Apparently its for previews and can supposedly be safely deleted if its taking up too much space. I would suggest research that a bit more instead of taking my word for it, though.

.fcpbundle’s are syncing after the latest update!

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Forgot to update this thread about that, but it was fixed in this release: