Files showing as Waiting. Clicking crashes odrive

I have Icon showing in the waiting list multiple times with no other name or details. If I click on one of the files, it crashes odrive.

Sent diagnostics for further review so I can remove files or find what is causing issue.

Hi @melanie,
The diagnostic doesn’t show anything in waiting, but it looks like the client was just started. You have lots of folders being monitored by odrive (over 11,000), so odrive will need to to do quite a bit of work to make sure things are up to date when it first starts.

Since its been a while since the last diagnostic, can you send one more and I will see what things look like now that it has been running for a couple of hours?

HI Tony,

Sent New Diagnostic! TY!

Do you store the diagnostic on the local so we can view without bothering support?

Hi @melanie,
These are the files with the problem on Google Drive. The issue is that they have a newline character at the end of them, which is an illegal character, but we don’t handle it properly.

Google Drive/Shared with Me/
Google Drive/Shared with Me/Icon
Google Drive/Shared with Me/pluse/Icon
Google Drive/Shared with Me/Image/Linkedin/Icon
Google Drive/Shared with Me/Linkedin/Icon
Google Drive/Shared with Me/GTC-Armenian.pages/Metadata/Icon
Google Drive/Shared with Me/

Deleting these should be fine, but you can also rename them, if you like. Selecting rename on these files in the Google Drive app will not show the newline character, so just hit “OK” without changing anything and it will remove the offending character.