Files Saved to Amazon CloudDrive Directly do not sync to local computer

I configured the Documents folder to sync to Amazon CloudDrive. However, I needed to get to a file while at another computer so I went directly to Amazon CloudDrive via web browser and downloaded it. I then went back to Amazon CloudDrive directly and created a new folder and saved the revised version of a file to the newly created folder. I then went to my desktop where I have odrive installed and navigated to the folder on my odrive, right-clicked and sync’d. However, the folder with the file never shows up on my computer in Documents. Any ideas why this will not sync? Is odrive truly a two-way sync or is it just from the computer where the client is saved up to Amazon CloudDrive?

Hi @wmorlett,
odrive should see the new folder that you added. It would be listed as a .cloudf until you chose to expand it. You are not seeing the new folder listed at all?

So you see it listed in the Amazon Drive location within the odrive web client ( or in corresponding location in the \odrive folder on the desktop?