Files not syncing and service not starting?

I have windows 7 install with the latest version of odrive. upgraded today. The services never seems to launch, not showing in Task Manager. There are some folders and file that I can get to in dropbox and others do not sync. When I right click on the folder or file, and look at the properties, it shows as a CLOUDF File (.cloudf) and to be opened with odrive. Nothing happens if I double click on these folders or files.

When I log into a second windows 7 system, I can’t even see the files as part of the odirve services.

I feel my files have been hi-jacked and need to move them

Hi @gbuchan,
I’m not sure what you mean about your files being hijacked, but we can certainly look at why odrive is not functioning properly on your system. Probably the best thing to do is trying running from a command prompt, which could spit out some useful information we can use to narrow down the cause. To do that, can you please do the following:

1.Open a command prompt (cmd)
2.Copy and paste the following and hit enter:

cd “%userprofile%\.odrive\bin” && dir

3.The above command will list at least one four digit directory (like 5453). You will then want to use that number in the following command:


make sure you use whatever number you have, if it is not 5453

This will launch odrive. Please provide a screenshot of what you see in the command window after that.


Sorry, these commends do not provide the output you are looking for.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\gbuchan>cd “%userprofile%.odrive\bin” && dir
Volume in drive C is BOOTCAMP
Volume Serial Number is 12E2-04AE

Directory of C:\Users\gbuchan.odrive\bin

File Not Found

The system cannot find the path specified.


if you type “dir” in the directory you currently reside in “C:\Users\gbuchan\.odrive\bin”, what do you see?

Volume in drive C is BOOTCAMP
Volume Serial Number is 12E2-04AE

Directory of C:\Users\gbuchan.odrive\bin

File Not Found


Hmm… that response is unexpected, even if the directory is empty. Something is funky here.

Can you browse into that directory from Windows Explorer and see what it shows? You may need to enable viewing hidden items:

That was it! As soon as I enable “show hidden files” folder and file showed up.
Thank you much for the suggestion.

Rhetorical question?
So why would folders and files created using the odrive services make these folders and files hidden?

Hi @gbuchan,
Can you elaborate on this? I actually didn’t expect this to fix the problem. :slight_smile: It was just a step in getting to the odrive binaries.

Are you saying that things are working properly now?