Files not copying correctly

If I copy a gdocx file into another direcory, the file copies but the google drive cannot open it.
I get an error of “This is not a valid Google Docs link.” when attempting to open it from the Odrive context menu.
If I copy the same file on Google Drive, it copies fine and it able to open in gdocs.

Any ideas?

Hi @robd,
Copying gdoc files is not currently supported. Locally there isn’t anything to copy since gdoc files only exist in the cloud. If you want to copy them you will have to do it via the Google Drive web client.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the info! Makes sense.
It at least gives me the option to copy folder structures.


Hi @robd,
Just to clarify, copying a folder with gdocs (or placeholder files) in it will also not work properly. You can move, but not copy cloud files.