Files moving when deleted from source

Hi guys,

I’m using Odrive and Amazon Drive to backup photos. When I photograph an event I put the images on a hard drive, then sync it to Amazon Drive via Odrive.
Later on I’ll cull the images and move the rejected images off the hard drive (equivalent to deleting them off the hard drive).
I then find all the removed images move to the root folder of Amazon Drive.
This makes for a big messy folder, and I’m having to constantly go in there and manually delete them.
I’d rather they stay where they were on Amazon Drive, or just delete.

Any thoughts? What am I doing wrong? It’s driving me mad!

Hi @matthewevansphotogra,
We’ve been seeing some strange behavior with regards to Amazon Drive’s trash. There is a full thread on it here: Mysterious unknown files/folders under root Amazon Drive folder

Before I lump it into that issue, though, I want to make sure this isn’t something new.

Can you give me a few more details on your process and the after-effects? Here is a bit of context on odrive processing:

  • When you move the items off of the drive, odrive should pick these up as local deletes (as you said). odrive will hold these in the odrive trash until you empty it.
  • When you empty the odrive trash, odrive uses Amazon Drive’s “trash” API to soft-delete the files/folders, which is supposed to put them into Amazon’s trash.
  • The objects in Amazon’s trash are held for 30 days and then purged, permanently deleting them. (A fairly recent behavioral addition to Amazon Drive).
  • You can also manually empty Amazon’s trash, which should immediately purge those items

The recent behavior I have seen (and other users have reported), is that files/folders will appear in the Amazon Drive root after they have been emptied from the Amazon trash. This can be very confusing when it happens as a result of Amazon auto-trashing the objects after 30 days.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your response!

I deleted (locally) the items that have appeared and they are now in the odrive trash and sync (and are slowly deleting). Some files are named as they were and others are named for example: “0A1EF603-192C-47B8-9DC7-1676BB04ED14”, and there are even some folders named 0-9, A-Z.
The files that have appeared in the odrive trash are all named the long weird name as above.
When I log into Amazon Drive I see that that the items are still there, but they’re slowly moving to the trash.

I’m not very technical with odrive or amazon drive, I’m just using the most basic of functions.

Hi @matthewevansphotogra,
It sounds similar to the issue I have seen then. Previously deleted files are “brought back from the dead” when they are purged from Amazon’s trash. I believe it has to do with the objects entering some orphan status.

After odrive has finished deleting them, try purging them from Amazon’s trash and see if they actually go away this time, or end back up in the Amazon root.

Thanks Tony, I’ll do that and report back!

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