Files in trash that I haven't changed

I just got 156 files in my odrive Trash but most of these files haven’t changed in months. As far as I can tell, they are still in the Finder. how do I figure out what’s going on? Looks like there were some other issues filed with files being placed in the trash but I didn’t see any solutions. FWIW, these files are all from the same ssh-synced drive.
one thing, it would be particularly useful to be able to see the path of the files in the trash so I can manually check them.

Hi Dominik,
File in odrive trash end up there when a local delete of those files is done. Where are those files located locally? Does anything interact with them?

We can run a CLI command to get details about the files in the trash more easily. What operating system are you running?


as I mentioned, I haven’t touched these files recently and they are still there, i.e. they haven’t been deleted from the actual file system. That said, some of them are in multiple places (and I don’t recall every place) which is why I wanted to see the path of the odrive trash files.

There is no interaction that I know of with these files.
I’m on macOS 10.11.6

Run this from the terminal to see where all of the items were located:
"$HOME/.odrive/bin/5491/" status --trash

This assumes you are running the latest version of odrive on OS X.

Thanks for that command.
As far as I can tell, these are all files that were moved to a subfolder at some point. It was extremely delayed though. One folder was created on June 1 and only synced this past week.

Is there any way to tell when odrive isn’t working?

It sounds the move was picked up as a delete from the old folder and an add to the new folder. We do our best to detect moves, but sometimes its possible that the move optimization is missed.

If odrive is running, it should be working. Not syncing is not expected unless there is some outside factor like network issues, service issues, etc.

How is your odrive setup? Is the odrive folder in the default location (~/odrive) and are files/folders we are talking about residing in the main odrive folder?

here is the path to one of the deletes:

it is now: /Users/dosc3612/odrive/ssDominik/roughness_project/figs/ tuo_gam_3dplots /tuo_gam_fsca-sdmaxcurv_180400090103-2013-04-03.png

ssDominik is one of my shares. it’s an ssh connection to a NAS box.


Are there any symlinks or mounts being used inside the odrive folder? The reason I ask is that they can prevent a lot of the optimizations we have built-in. If everything is vanilla then there shouldn’t be any large latency with syncing.

When you place a new file into a folder in the ssDominik folder, does it sync to your NAS quickly?

no symlinks. I made a quick test folder and it worked immediately. anyway, thanks for your help.

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