Files in folders can sometimes not show up (after syncing, unsyncing and refreshing)

I have a longstanding copy of my Google Drive account on my PC.

More and more I notice that old folders do not get deleted/updated (to not be there locally or to be deleted), or that new files inside a folder should exist (they do on Google Drive but not locally).

Naturally, I think the ‘refresh’ button on right click for oDrive should retrieve up-to-date info on this folder, but no it doesn’t.

I unsync, resync a folder, the ENTIRE Google Drive connection folder, it doesn’t retrieve new information on the folder I cared about and the contents inside it.

Any help?


I guess in this case it was because of an illegal character “:”

Is there plans to include more characters in filenames?

I could have sworn that issue above has happened and it be nothing to do with the file name of the file as well. I can’t find an example except the one I reported now (but it was an illegal filename).

We are discussing ways to better notify the user when a file cannot be synced due to illegal characters. It is a common issue on Google because they are one of the most “tolerant” of filenames, including allowing duplicate file names in the same path.

Let me know if you see an unexplained occurrence, though.

Thanks for the explanation.

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