Files & Folders in Amazon Drive not appearing on local folder

I’m having to move off Amazon Cloud as like the US, Amazon Cloud in Canada has discontinued there unlimited storage. I have odrive running on a windows server and have a folder for all my odrive cloud connections. Since the server has tons of storage space I’ve just set it to sync between Amazon cloud, so didn’t use placeholders. I’m assumed that all my files / folders in this director which is syncing with Amazon Drive would remain, however, it appears 80% of the files/folders are not displayed, the folders which are displayed all have the blue checkmark. My odrive service running on the task bar says I have 6000+ files in the trash, which when I look at the list are files I don’t want deleted. Amazon cloud has all the files and folders which are missing on my local server. How do I get all the files on Amazon cloud back on my local server without losing anything? I’ve tried Sync Everything but the only the files/folders on my local server are “sync’d”. I need all the rest of the files/folders. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @jefflkennedy,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

The items listed in the odrive trash indicate that files were deleted or moved on the local files system, and picked up as deleted by odrive. odrive will not send those deletes to the cloud until you empty the trash, which you don’t want to do in this case.

How many files are not listed, would you estimate?

Hi @Tony,
I have submitted a diagnostic moments ago from the odrive menu. odrive had froze on the server and was using up 306MB of memory. I ended the process, restarted odrive and submitted the diagnostic.

I will definitely not check the trash bin / Empty trash bin option for the menu and will not set the auto empty trash to on as I definitely want my files to stay on Amazon drive until I get figure out how to get them back on my server.

Thousands! If I had to estimate it’d be around 100,000+ files I have over 2TB of data of data from this server stored on Amazon drive. I just did a size check on the same folder on my server and says it’s only 76GB so the majority of the files are missing from the sever. I also tried installing the Amazon drive download app to download all the files on Amazon cloud to my server. I’ve only been able to successfully download 21GB so far and that amounts to 5,606 files and a folder count of 609 folders. Whereas there are only 54 folders on the odrive (Amazon Cloud Drive) folder on the server, for comparison purposes.

As an aside, I tried the download first thinking that would be the quickest option but Amazon’s desktop app is horrible. It continuously fills up my C drive on my server which is just a 256GB SSD drive with about 70GB of space and the Amazon desktop app continuously fills a C drive temp folder until the C drive has no space and then it crashes.

Thanks for you help!

Hi @jefflkennedy,
It may be best in this case to follow these instructions:

  1. shutdown both clients
  2. move the already downloaded data to another location (just as a precautionary backup)\
  3. uninstall odrive
  4. reinstall odrive

Once installed, use the “move odrive folder” feature to move the odrive folder back to your larger hard drive.

This will start us off with a fresh cache and nothing synced.

Since you are performing a massive download, I would suggest using the CLI to drive the download to your server, at this point. Refer to the Windows instructions in this post and let me know if you have any questions.

I would also recommend disabling automatic sync (you will find this in the top entry of the odrive menu). This will reduce some overhead and let odrive concentrate more on just downloading.

Thanks very much for the feedback and suggestion Tony, I will try the recommended steps.

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