Files delete locally and in the cloud

It appears that when my 7 day trial expired, odrive deleted all of my files, both on Amazon Cloud and my local server. Fortunately, I believe I recovered everything from my server’s trash but this behavior is extremely anti-social! Since only folders that were registered with odrive were deleted I’m pretty sure this is the culprit. How is this possible?

Also, I had thought some of the features of odrive were available in the free version, but it seems to be total dysfunctional. My desire is to have several local folders periodically uploaded (essentially backed up) to Amazon Cloud, without deleting any local files. Is this possible?

Hi @jeff1,
I am sorry to hear you ran into some trouble with odrive.

odrive will not delete any items in the cloud unless it is told to do so, either via the manual “empty trash” command or if auto-trash settings have been configured. More on that here:

If you are using “sync to odrive”, when the trial expires it will just disconnect the folder from syncing to the cloud, but there should be no deletes or unsyncs occurring when that happens.

Are you able to provide some additional information on what you had setup and what behavior you saw?
If you haven’t restarted odrive yet, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

As for backup, we have a traditional backup feature that should be coming in the next 2 months that will provide that type of functionality. Backup (one-way sync)