Files Automatically delete themselves

Hey there,
I’ve read a few posts about people having the same issue again and again, and you simply get all defensive and don’t actually acknowledge this is an issue.

You seem to have a great product but it’s got massive bugs.

Here’s the problem,

I have a Google Drive account linked. I access the files through finder and the google drive browser interface.

I within a lower level of file structure within the Odrive file in finder I reorganised my files. I later go back and find they are gone.

I also find that Google Drive in the web browser is out of sync with finder and the files so my structure is all over the place.

Any thoughts?


Hi @damien.hashemi,
Can you point me to the other threads so I can reference them for context? I consider myself pretty open-minded and always try to get to the root of the issue. Unfortunately there are usually a lot of variables in play (environment, storage, configuration, single-user actions, multi-user actions, placeholders vs local, etc).

Can you also go over the process that creates deletes on your system?

Keep in mind that any time odrive detects local deletes it will store those in the “odrive trash” to prevent them from propagating to the cloud without explicit user consent. Because of this safeguard, what you see locally can differ from what you see in the cloud if there are deletes being held in the “odrive trash”.

Sometimes a move can be picked up as an add and delete, instead of an optimized move. This is something we are working on improving to limit these occurrences. It may be possible that, if you were moving placeholders around, the movement was not optimally detected and that created an add/delete scenario. In the case of placeholders, this can cause things to not be moved properly, and you end up with those items listed in the “odrive trash”. If they are listed in the trash, you can click on them to restore them to their original location.

If you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and give me a few paths where you have seen this, I can take a deeper look, too.

If you are seeing changes in the cloud that you are not expecting, you can also use a cool feature that Google has that will let you view the history of the files and folders. That can usually give some insight into what happened and when.

To see this info, use the the Google Drive web client and click on the information icon after selecting a file or folder.