File rename issues in OneDrive for Business

Something I just noticed. Using the latest version 5184.

  • If I login to the web interface for OneDrive for Business
  • If I then rename a file (aaa.jpg) to (bbb.jpg)
  • The file replicates to the browser interface for oDrive as (bbb.jpg)
  • The the old file name is deleted from the folder sync-ed on my computer as aaa.jpg but the new file bbb.jpg is never created
  • If I exit oDrive and restart oDrive the file appears.
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I see the same behavior. Will investigate…


I just had the same issue on GDrive :frowning:

Can you verify this with the latest version of the odrive desktop client? It is not reproducible for me anymore, but I want to make sure you see the same thing.

Hi, this is still happening … I am sure this time, as I just moved a few files from one folder to another in Dropbox, and all the files now appear in my Trash and the “moved” files are being sync’ed as new files :frowning:

Hi @Hany,
What you are seeing can sometimes happen if odrive can’t “optimize” the move operation. It has to do with how odrive picks up the changes.

Since odrive can only look at the filesystem changes, it has to try to figure out when files have been moved vs added and deleted. This move optimization can sometimes be missed, and odrive picks up the move as a delete of the files in the old location and an add of the files in the new location.

This is something we are working on tightening up in the next generation odrive product. If you have a lot of moves to make, it may be better to perform them from the Google Drive web client, as the move can be explicit there, instead of interpreted as it is on the file system.

Apologies for the confusion.