Facebook sync not showing pics or account info

Hi all!

I signed in to odrive with my facebook account. In order to get started more quickly, I denied odrive access to my FB pics and videos at first, sure I’d be able to do it later on. I’m now not able allow odrive to access my FB info. Actually, I can see the Facebook directory in my odrive-desktop app, but it has no pics in it.
Also, in my online profile page, I see facebook as linked, but the directory has no contents and doesn’t even show the “account” it is linked to.

Any suggestions on how to allow the backup, ex post?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @f.morfini,
Have you taken a look at the application settings in Facebook?

Go to https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications&section=all
Click on "Show All"
Click on “odrive desktop app” and/or “odrive” and make sure that they have access to your photos.

Hi Tony,

thanks for getting back to me!
I changed the setting from the FB account, and I now have the FB backup. thanks a lot!

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