Facebook photos

Hi, I am trying the trial version, for the purpose of downloading thousands of photographs I have taken, from Facebook.

I notice when I sync, and download them, the files sizes are not the same as the originals on Facebook (in some cases, the Odrive files are 75% smaller than the original photos on Facebook).

Is this by design, or am I doing something wrong? I am downloading them from the web interface, and have not yet tried the desktop client.

Thank you!

Hi @s11,
The Facebook integration looks at all of the options returned by the Facebook API and then picks the one with the largest height value for download. Do you have an example of a photo you’ve downloaded directly from Facebook and one downloaded via odrive so I can take a look at the difference in resolution?

Hi Tony, I can’t replicate at home, the behavior described I found at my office. I am beginning to think maybe I downloaded using Right Click > Save as, instead of the download arrow. I am going to install the client at home, and see how the synch goes. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the update @s11. Definitely try the desktop client and see what it yields.

Hi Tony,
The desktop client worked great, the images all seem to be in their highest original resolution. Great product. Thank you for the help!

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