External Drive with Amazon Drive-Windows

I am using Windows 10 and have an external 2 TB drive. The drive already contains 1.5TB of data (most of which is already on Amazon drive). What i am trying to do is create an automatic sync between the external drive (call is the K:\ drive) and Amazon Cloud Drive. For example, if I copy a photo from my iPhone, camera or any source to the K:\ drive, this should automatically sync with Amazon drive, without the user having to manually ask it to sync. I am a premium subscriber.

I also tried moving the “move o drive folder” to the external drive, but all i want to do is use the contents on the external drive and anything i add in the future to the K drive and have it auto sync, without having to do anything. If placeholders are put on my c:\Odrive folder, thats fine. Again, only need to sync contents of external drive to Amazon Cloud. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @acappellousa,
It sounds like you would want to use “sync to odrive”, which provides this exact functionality.

To do this:
Right-click on the folder you want to sync to odrive. The local path cannot be the root of the drive (K:) , so you need to target a folder within the root (Something like K:\Photos). You would then select the corresponding folder in the remote storage (for example, /Amazon Drive/Photos).

This will create a persistant sync relationship between the local and remote folders. It may take a while for odrive to perform the initial upload. After that, any new items you add to the local folder will be automatically uploaded.

More information here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-sync#syncing-external-storage

Thanks for the quick response. Last question, following up on your response. If the folder already exist on the K:\ (External) and Amazon Drive, will it just update or actually replace? I do not want two copies of each file or the dates from the original files changed.


On the External (K:) Drive there is a folder called ‘Mobile Photos’ and the same folder already exist on Amazon Drive . If I Sync this folder, will it just upload items from K:\ that are not on the Amazon drive, or actually copy and paste each item again. The folder is 1.5 TB and this will take a long time. Plus, I do not want duplicates and do not want to change the date. Example - JPG from 2007, should not have creation date of Aug 15, 2020.

Hi @acappellousa,
odrive will perform a merge of the content. It will scan through everything and determine what needs to be uploaded. If there are changed or new files it will uploaded them, otherwise it will just compare the size and consider them synced if they are the same.