Excel Templates Can't Be Reached?

FIXED: A reboot of my computer seems to have fixed this. Weird.

I’m running Windows 10 and have disabled OneDrive completely. odrive does a much better job than One Drive ever did.

However, when I go to create a new file in Excel. (and this may be true for other office products) it says it can’t reach my template folder which is on odrive. The folder is synced with 100% of the files present. I can see them fine in explorer, there is nothing weird about the permissions on the folder or the files.

I also cannot set my default save location for Excel to a odrive folder… very strange. The path is simply: e:\odrive\OneDrive\Documents\ which is a synced folder…?

Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks for the update. That is definitely weird. Perhaps some strange enumeration caching by the app?

In any case, glad it is working. The good ol’ “reboot it” fix :slight_smile: