Entire folder not syncing to oDrive google drive

I have a whole folder that I recently moved to my Google drive (7GB roughly) which just will not sync with odrive.

I tried creating and deleting some test data in other folders on the odrive and it works fine, and placing this folder in a different place in the drive, or even renaming, but it will not work.

Where are the logs so I can see why the sync isn’t working?

Hi @mark.john.nightingal,
Would you be able to send over a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and give me the full path to this folder that is not syncing? I can take a look and see if anything sticks out.

Hi There,

The folder is in the account Google Drive - Pro and the path is simply /Freelance/

Edit: and the diagnostic is sent.

Hi @mark.john.nightingal,
I took a look and it looks like odrive is hitting an error when it is trying to process that folder. The error it is hitting is a filesystem error (no such file or directory) on this file:
Google Drive - Pro/Freelance/Lock Academy/3-dev/woocommercebookings-traduction/woocommerce-bookings/woocommerce-bookings_fr_FR/.git/description

That is causing odrive to abort it processing of the folder. Can you try removing that file from the odrive (it may be better to move the entire woocommerce-bookings_fr_FR folder out, in case there are other issues in that folder) and then restarting odrive to see if it starts processing?