Entire Amazon Cloud Drive Just Disappeared

My entire Amazon Cloud Drive storage just disappeared. Odrive put random parts of it into my on-mac trash, it seems, but much of it is just gone. The only action I took was to “sync deletes” - which listed only ~300 files when I took that action, but by the time it completed, everything was gone.

On Amazon Cloud Drive, the dashboard says I’m still using space – https://screencast.com/t/ROSVoeBJSe6 – but nothing remains in the interface, nor in the trash: https://screencast.com/t/OKY6IGdwyy

Help! Please! This is kind of a disaster…

Hi @ngottlieb,
We are seeing the same thing in all of our Amazon Drive accounts too. It looks like an Amazon issue. Hopefully it is temporary. We are looking into it more now.

Creating a new folder from the Amazon Drive web client seems to bring everything back. For example, I created a folder called ‘test after all files disappearing’. After a refresh everything is at least being listed again by Amazon … No idea what is going on, but give that a shot.

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OK…please keep us posted!!!

thanks, it did come back I guess. Although nothing is in sync anymore, so I need to re-sync everything I need local

Yeah, unfortunately when odrive went to look at Amazon Drive after this happened, Amazon said everything was gone, so all locally synced files were removed as part of sync :frowning:

I have been using odrive for the last year or so with no problem. I am using it to back up my files to Amazon Cloud Drive. Some new files were uploading in the last hour. I went to look at a file on my PC just now and everything is gone, replaced with CLOUDF file. This is a major pain in the ass, I do not have a super fast connection. How/why does this happen?

Take a look at this thread for information. It appears to have been a temporary Amazon issue where they were reporting 0 files in all Cloud Drive accounts for about 20-30 minutes.

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I have to resync 3TB+ of files again, all of which were stored on PC which was the primary device?

PLEASE tell me this isn’t the case!!

I’m kind of losing my mind here. Please explain to me how a ‘glitch’ on Amazon’s side can completely wipe out 3TB of my local data? I thought I was syncing TO Amazon and had to explicitly opt to sync things DOWN from Amazon back to my PC? A transient glitch just wiped all of this local data out? POOF and that’s it?

If that’s the case, I’m absolutely DONE with Odrive.

Unfortunately it is. odrive is a fully bi-directional sync engine and Amazon told odrive that the account didn’t have any files or folders in it anymore. odrive reacted as is it designed to. Files that have been removed in the cloud are removed from the local systems.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.


Sorry, but this is beyond ‘inconvenience’ – aside from losing the data itself, of which my local copy is GONE, this is basically a catastrophic scenario. Because of bandwidth limits, it’s going to take me 4 MONTHS to download this data, all of which was happily sitting on my RAID protected local hard drive. And that’s one machine! Idiot me had both my personal and work machines using Odrive! Great! I get to sort this out of over multiple machines!

That’s it. I’m done. I’ve sat through enduring this product with god knows how many (still) ongoing issues waiting over a year for some absolute VAPORWARE promise of a new release to fix and improve things that should have been handled a year or more ago. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut, sitting patiently waiting while dealing with near daily CPU issues (hello 25% constant CPU!) that causes explorer.exe to become unusable.

Now this…

If anyone stays with this product after this you need your F’ing head examined!!

Yeah, but I guess it’s my fault for not understanding the product and not understanding how a brief glitch can sync back and nuke all of my data. It’s my fault for not realizing there wouldn’t be some sort of failsafe for this, like, I don’t know, Odrive prompting me if deleting everything was the intent.

Odrive is getting uninstalled and I’m figuring out how to cancel my subscription effective IMMEDIATELY.

Syncback Pro and Cryptomator will do everything Odrive will without the bugs and issues. Absolute stupidity of me for having not done this before.

Hi @wlansdowne,
I understand your frustration and you can certainly cancel your subscription if you wish to do so. Please go to https://www.odrive.com/customerservice and click on ‘get in touch with us’ at the bottom to contact our billing department. They will get back to you promptly.

As for this issue, a cloud storage service provider should never, ever return an empty list of items with a 200 OK response unless the items are actually not there. There is a required trust in the sync relationship that the service provider is providing accurate information. The cloud service is considered the authoritative source for the linked storage and when changes are made on the remote they need to be synced to local, as per the sync relationship. In this case Amazon gave back false information.

I am speaking to the team about this and about what steps we can take to guard against this type of major service provider failure in the future.

Again, you have my sincere apologies.

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