Empty Trash: Unable to sync delete … Unexpected

I am using odrive 5127 on MacOS X 10.11.3 with Amazon Cloud Drive.
I clicked on “Empty Trash” and I get the message: “Unable to sync delete […] Unexpected”.
I don’t know where the file is located, I don’t know how to manually delete it, I’m stuck.
Please help!

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Can you submit a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?


OK! I’ve just done it! :wink:

Hi, can you try downloading our latest version? We fixed a trash issue which may solve your problem.

I worked! When I click on “Empty trash” the app no longer crashes. It does not empty the whole trash however. Sometimes 1 item is deleted, sometimes 30. Anyway, I clicked several times until the trash was finally emptied. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Empty trash can take some time to work through, since it has to go through each item. Make sure you give it some time once you decide to empty it. It should eventually all go through with only one attempt.