Dropbox vs odrive cache

Not sure how to approach this question. I want to empty the trash folder in my dropbox account. This seems to be impossible for some reason. The only options I find involve deleting the dropbox cache. But since I am using odrive as my client, there is no dropbox cache file to delete. Any ideas on how to empty the trash?

Hi Thomas,
You want to empty trash in Dropbox, itself, or are you trying to empty the odrive trash (odrive tray menu), or something else?


I want to empty trash in dropbox. Odrive trash is clear.

Ahh. Yeah they don’t provide a way to purge the trash, at least as far as I know. You need to navigate, folder-by-folder, show deleted items, and then choose the files you want to permanently delete. The other method is to wait the 30 days for them to clear automatically, unless you are using the extended version history…

Thanks Tony.
This suggests a new odrive feature. An option to “permanently delete” files from dropbox rather than the two step deletion and 30 day wait