Dropbox sub folder not sync'ing between clients


On machine 1, I have had a folder with contents for several weeks. It’s properly syncing to dropbox, but on machine 2, it’s not sync’ing those items.



Hi @bean.adam,
so you are still seeing the old items on Machine 2? Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu along with the path to the folder that is having the issue?

Are other folders updating, as expected?

Hey there,

Actually no, doesn’t look like the other folders are properly sync’ing either. Made multiple changes throughout the day on PC1, but not reflected on PC2.


Are the two folders I am having issues with (haven’t tested others, assume global).

I just sent the diagnostics from both.

Hi @bean.adam,
I looked at the diagnostics for both and I actually see sync activity. I am not sure exactly what to look at, though.

Can you leave both systems idle for a while, then create a new file on each and see if they show up on the other side, respectively?

If you do not see the files show up right away on the remote, try right-click->refresh on the parent folder to see if that triggers it.

After this test, send another diagnostic from each system and let me know the path and file names for each. I should be able to trace the sync activity for this experiment more accurately.