"Dropbox could not be synced"

I have uninstalled the Drobbox app form my computer and am moving 100% over to odrive (well, except for B2 which you don’t support yet except read only for some reason, but I digress…) but when I try to set up sync on my old Dropbox folder (which I have since made updates too since I uninstalled Dropbox) by selecting “Sync to odrive” which takes me to the web UI where I select the Dropbox folder. I then look at the entry for “Sync to odrive” it says “Open Dropbox folder [invalid]” and when I click on it I get an error message “odive cannot sync to this folder”.

I tried this a couple more times and found that eventually the setting did take and now under 'Sync to odrive" it says “Open Dropbox folder” with no [invalid] anymore. However, the changes that I had since made to the contents of Dropbox have not been reflected in the Dropbox folder that appears under the odrive folder. The same goes for if I look at Dropbox on their web site or the odrive web site for it.

It looked like it was the odrive menu item flickered from black to pink and circling a couple times but now it is just black, however under “Ready to sync new changes” it says “Stop Automatic Sync” which may imply it is still syncing? (yes? no?) It doesn’t look like anything is happening.

How can I get my local copy of Dropbox (the classic folder, NOT the one that is under odrive) synced up with the cloud version properly?

Also, I have attempted to select sync from the Finder menu for the classic Dropbox folder so that it would sync but nothing seems to be happening.

Hi @DarfNader,
Can you send over a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look at how odrive is setup and what it is currently doing?

I gave up on Dropbox sync when I learned that you still only support their API v1 so file metadata doesn’t get preserved. When you are able to support API v 2 I will try again.