Drive and iCloud issue - need to move files ASAP

Thanks to OS X Sierra I now have all kinds of issues with my Documents folder that I didn’t have before.

I literally cannot retrieve my files anymore - so at this point I’m frustrated and done dealing with iCloud in this capacity. I need to take the backups from ODrive and migrate them to a different folder - so I created a new folder, TEST, and have it set to sync to Amazon via ODrive. When I copy the content within my ODrive backup for DOCUMENTS it won’t unpack the files/will remove anything I copy from over there…etc.

Long and short - what’s the EASIEST way to move the files from DOCUMENTS to ANY OTHER FOLDER so I can stop having these issues with iCloud crapping out. I can’t copy/move the files directly, it just hangs. It’s not my internet connection, it’s not the new computer - it’s most definitely iCloud.

How can I best migrate the backups via ODrive to a new folder with as little muss & fuss as possible?

Hi @ryan1,
My apologies, but I am not super clear on what you have setup and what you need to do.

I am not sure what this means:

What folders do you currently have set to sync with odrive? Is Documents one of them?
It sounds like you are having issues getting files from your Documents folder, is that correct?
Are you trying to get data out of Amazon Drive, put data into Amazon Drive, or both?

If you can provide some more details on the current setup, and how odrive, Amazon Drive, iCloud, and your Documents folder are all related and then how you want to change this, I can provide some additional input.


  1. Documents is one of my folders set to sync with odrive.
  2. Correct.
  3. Both. In this case I created folder SITES and synced it to odrive/amazon. I then moved data from folder DOCUMENTS to SITES.
  4. Trying to pull data down from Amazon using odrive…for folder Sites in order to stop using Apple’s now-problematic DOCUMENTS folder.

I guess my question is…in the event that I want to move data from Folder A to Folder B - and the methodology is clouded due to, again, a cloud setup that apple has implemented to make life as excruciatingly difficult as possible, and simply copying/moving the files isn’t viable…how could I use odrive to pull down the data sitting in the cloud, but into said new folder, with minimal fuss?

Hi @ryan1,
Since you are having issues with the local Documents folder, we can try to avoid it completely. I may not have this right, but it sounds like you could just use the Amazon Drive web client to move the items from “Documents” to “Sites”.

For example, navigate into Documents, select all using the checkbox at the top of the file listing, then select “Move” at the bottom of the page. Then you choose “Sites” as the destination and click on “Move to Sites”.

This will move all of the data sitting in the “Documents” folder in Amazon Drive to the new “Sites” folder in Amazon Drive. odrive should then see the new content in the local “Sites”, where you can download it, if you wish.

I would first right-click->“Remove sync” on the local Documents folder, to remove it from the odrive sync equation. This will also prevent odrive from deleting the local items when it sees they no longer exist in the Amazon Drive “Documents” folder, in case you want to keep those around.

Does that sounds like it would solve the issue?

Solved - thank you so much.

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