Drive account that has been deleted

Hello, one of my drive account has been deleted and most of my documents are inside there, i trying to copy the unsynced documents into anoter drive but i can’t open it. Please help me.

Same thing happened to me. My google drive got shut down and all my local files were no longer there when it unlinked from Odrive. Essentially odrive deleted all my local files and made the folder un-accessible.

Hi @likomgc and @theking54,
Can you guys clarify what the scenario was here. It’s possible you both have two different scenarios, so just describe as best you can.

It sounds like you each had Google Drive accounts that were discontinued or canceled in some way, is that correct?

When that happens, odrive will no longer be able to access the data since it technically doesn’t exist anymore in the cloud. I think that the locally cached data will still be around, if you had previously downloaded it, but placeholder files will no longer work, because the backing remote storage is inaccessible.

If you unlinked the Google Drive account after you cancelled it, odrive will also no longer have access to it. The link is removed, so the corresponding local folder is removed as part of syncing the unlink.

hello Tony,

You’re right, that means my files will gone forever?

Hi @likomgc,
If the files are gone from Google Drive and the files had not yet been downloaded locally, then odrive will not be able to download them.

As far as them being gone forever, that is a question for the Google Drive team to answer, since it is their storage. There may be a window where they can recover the account or retrieve the files, if the account deletion was made by mistake.